Weekly Meeting Recap (04/20/2016)

Good morning NCRG members, friends and fans! We had a great meeting this morning with good attendance numbers. Thank you to all who joined us, and thank you to Vicki and Amy for supplying coffee and baked goods.

Our meeting this morning featured a presentation from Ryan Laliberte of Edward Jones, who spoke about preparing for retirement. Ryan does a great job of explaining numbers and concepts to people who may not have any experience with financial investments or retirement funds. Edward Jones has been established since 1922 and enables Ryan to work with clients throughout fourteen different states. If you are going through a life changing event, such as a wedding, new child, new home, new job, retirement, receiving an inheritance, or planning out an inheritance, make sure you work with someone like Ryan to make the most out of it! Contact Ryan any time to set up a meeting and start saving for your future.

We also heard from Chris Pera of Pera Land Surveying, who demonstrated how difficult it can be to identify the exact bounds of a piece of property. Before he can begin projects for his clients, Chris does a lot of research, including looking up deeds and property descriptions from hundreds of years ago. This can be a very important strategy in situations where people are contesting property bounds in court cases. Many other land surveyers do not research their clients’ land as thoroughly as Chris does. Give him a call today with questions about your property lines!

All interested small business owners in the area are encouraged to contact us to find out more about our group! We are looking forward to meeting you.

Join us next week, 7 AM on Wednesday morning, same place as always. We will be enjoying presentations from Sue Deacon of Health Pointe & Desabi Associates and Lisa Gurevich of Leominster Credit Union.

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