Weekly Meeting Recap (04/27/2016)

Good morning NCRG members, friends and fans! We had a great meeting this morning with good attendance numbers. Thank you to all who joined us, and thank you to Vicki and Amy for supplying coffee and apple cake.

Our meeting this morning featured a presentation from Sue Deacon of Health Pointe & Desabi Associates, who spoke about vitamins and nutritional supplements. Sue emphasized that the majority of the vitamins in our diets should come from real food but that it is important to supplement with additional vitamins to achieve maximum daily vitality. She also shared some samples of her healthy snack options and they were delicious! Thank you Sue.

We also heard from Lisa Gurevich of Leominster Credit Union. Lisa has decades of experience in banking and can set you up with a personal or business banking account. She is originally from Belarus, a former state of the Soviet Union. Before moving to the United States in 1992, she earned two bachelor degrees at the Belorussian Polytechnical Institute in Minsk, one in economics and another in civil engineering. After relocating, she studied for and was awarded an associate in science degree in business administration from Becker College in Worcester.

All interested small business owners in the area are encouraged to contact us to find out more about our group! We are looking forward to meeting you.

Join us next week, 7 AM on Wednesday morning, same place as always. We will be enjoying presentations from Gordon Davis of Just Scapin’ It and Micah Bolduc of Bolduc Plumbing.

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  1. John Goan · · Reply

    Great job, Amy!


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